Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Return to Eden

I think it is a blessing that we forget how beautiful home is when we leave. That way, we are not sick for it the entire time we're gone and when we come back, it is a revelation.

As I went to the garage to unload my stuff from the trunk (I am officially moved back to Rexburg) I was drawn out through the open garage door to behold the spectacular vista in front of me. Everything is green, green, green and so very alive. The pond was calm and clear, the willows and cattails on the sides perfect. The trees in the river bottoms called out for midnight romps with the wild things. The white fences lining this quiet country lane a harmonious accent to nature. The air was deliciously cool, and the light breeze a sweet caress from heaven. The sky was stained pink by the setting sun, and wispy blue clouds provided a feast for the eyes. My cat played in the flowers and I stared and stared and drank it all in with as much Anne-like fervor as I could muster. How could I have forgotten all of this? How could I have forgotten how monumentally blessed I am to live among such bounty? How could I leave again in such a short time?

The view outside my back door. See? Eden.

My dad came out to see if I needed help and asked me what was wrong. "Nothing!" I replied. "Absolutely nothing. I had just forgotten that we lived in Eden."
"Oh, you like it? I'm glad." And he hugged me.

Like it? I am in love with it til my heart could burst. How could I have gotten such parents that have truly made home a heaven on earth? Their tender, meticulous care is seen in the dozens of trees we have on our property, the flower beds, the lush garden, and the careful painting and decoration my parents have put into our surroundings. I love their quiet, good, learned ways!

My dad's pride and joy. And our bounty.

I hope the last posts have not become monotonous, but I have felt quiet keenly the last few weeks how very lucky I am in my every day life. I can't believe (and how could I not believe?) how very aware the Lord is of me and the daily influence He has in my life? I feel to sing Hallelujah every day!

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  1. I totally agree. I love Idaho and all it has to offer. My wonderful place is only a hour drive north.