Thursday, July 23, 2009

The experience of a lifetime?

So in the past four days I have been to see my eye specialist, the dentist, the health department for more vaccines, and my regular eye doctor to get more contacts. Fun. And every time I go in, the curious, helpful nurses and assistants always ask what I'm up to or why in the world I need a Japanese encephalitis vaccine, etc. and India always comes up. They invariably say, "Oh that will be the experience of a lifetime!"

The experience? I sincerely hope not. I hope that my life has not reached its peak at the ripe old age of 21. How sad would it be if for the rest of my life I am forced to say, "Mmmm, this was good and all, but it doesn't compare to my trip I took to India 3/10/20 years ago." So I gently correct these kind women and say "Yes, it certainly will be an adventure." And I fully plan on having plenty of adventures in my life. Some will probably even happen in my own backyard.

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