Saturday, July 11, 2009

How well do you have to know someone before they can be the god parent to your future children?

I'd like to introduce one of the most incredible people of all time: Brother John Mclay. He's a seminary teacher in Colorado Springs, CO and has been a session director the last two years I've gone as a counselor. He comes the week of July 4th (a traditionally hectic, crazy, packed session) and so we here in Provo have one more thing to celebrate. He teaches profound gospel truths in a captivating and intelligent way that teenagers understand and appreciate - he doesn't pander to them or talk down or doubt their spiritual intelligence. He cares so deeply for the youth and takes part in every part of the week from helping the stage crew at the variety show to driving around with a walkie talkie in his car looking for missing participants.

But probably the most amazing things about this master teacher is his incredible humility and his intense love for his family. The way he talks about his children (and he does it all of the time) and the way he looks and talks to and treats his wife shows how home-centered this man is. His marriage to Sister Mclay is a partnering of equals - he includes her in everything he does including speaking at and directing EFY. They laugh and tease each other over the mic, and they have a deep recognition of how lucky they are to have the other person in their lives for eternity. It is touching and inspiring to see the love they have for each other that radiates from them and expands their souls so they can love everyone.

BrotherMcLay is also hilarious and very talented in other things besides formal teaching. Here he is singing a song he made up with his wife for the dating/purity message Friday morning:

Break dancing under duress during last year's session:

Their twins singing a High School Musical song when they were 3:

Sister Mclay is a force to be reckoned with in her own right. He always introduces her by saying she could be a just as good session director as he is. And he may be right. During the Sunday night counselor fireside, I took more notes on her talk than I did on his. She always gives the majority of the young women's message on Thursday as well and bears pure testimony of the blessing and important role of mothers. She puts the position that is so often degraded by the world into the correct perspective and shows how right and important and big the job of mother is. I cried and felt the Spirit confirm that when I become a mother I will not be limiting myself or curtailing my potential, but allowing myself to grow and progress in remarkable ways that will require the use of all of my talents and experience and education.

Here is one journal/blog entry she read to us on Thursday. It's beautiful and so telling of the kind of mother she is. Aislin, she reminds me of you.

Her new blog address is found below. Also for Aislin - she may be a kindred spirit, you know. It is amazing what a talented, nurturing, creative woman can do to magnify the divine, eternal calling of motherhood.

May I someday be more like Sister Mclay and my own incredibley talented, fiercely devoted mother and my good, good sister.

Thank you, EFY for teaching me lessons I wasn't even looking for or expecting.

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