Saturday, July 4, 2009

If ye are prepared...

I got a wonderful, spacious new backpack from the international studies office for my trip to India, and I've already been putting it to good use. For anyone who has seen what I can and do stuff in a regular size bag, you know the added space is very welcome. Besides being water proof and very padded, it has become my Mary Poppins bag for EFY and gains quite a reputation among my girls each week for having everything necessary for daily life.

Its usual supplies:
1 binder
1 set of scriptures
1 journal
1 EFY handbook
1 bag of starbursts to keep youth (and me) awake during morningsides
1 bag of safety pins
1 bag of band-aids
1 roll of masking tape to hold the band-aids on
1 bottle of mosquito repellent
Bobby pins
Ponytail holders
1-2 bottles of water
Extra pens
Sticky notes

Added to it as the occasion demands:
1 copy of Preach My Gospel
I copy of True to the Faith
All of my girls' lanyards
1 Frisbee
1 pair of socks necessary to play the Sock Game at lunch (i.e. the funniest, best game EVER)
Several undershirts in case modesty becomes a problem
Fruit snacks or granola bars
1 roll of paper towel for the testimony meeting

I take pride in the fact that my girls (and sometimes other counselors) can come to me for anything they need throughout the week. I never tire of being able to whip out exactly what they need when they need it and seeing the amazed looks on their (and my co-counselors') faces.

And it all fits! As one of my girls told me this week, "Suzanne, you really did earn your reputation as Mary Poppins this week." Oh the sweet trust and praise.

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