Sunday, November 8, 2009

You can fly! You can fly! You can fly!

After several weeks of not knowing how I was to get home from India, I now have my return plans finalized! I am flying out of India on November 30th and getting in to Salt Lake City on December 1st at 8:15 pm, flight US 7211.

What?! you say. Suzanne left for India without a return ticket? Was that wise?

No, sillies, of course I had a return ticket - scheduled for December 6. My program ends on December 1, though.

What? you say. Why would Suzanne extend her stay in India a mere 5 days? And then choose to come home earlier?

Well, you see, when I was scheduling my plane ticket, I was certain I would want to spend as much time in India as possible, and I momentarily forgot about money and Indian geography and thought that I would just jaunt up to New Delhi for a few days and talk to one Dr. Mohini Giri who runs a national NGO to help widowed women. But you see, 5 days isn't enough to do anything but bum around Vizag. A Vizag that no longer has room and board reserved for me. As of December 1, our leases on our apartments end and the program ceases to pay for our cooks.

And to cap it all off, my wonderful sister and her family (who live a less-than-wonderful long distance away) will be in Idaho the first week of December and fly home to Alabama on the 5th. That's right, a day before I would leave India. And seeing as how my sister is pregnant with the first darling little nephew of the family and has no idea when she would next be able to come see us.

So with all of these factors in my head, for three weeks I made phone calls, rode around to different offices and to the Vizag airport on a motorcycle, admitted defeat in the realm of do-it-yourself-dom, emailed BYU travel, paid $200, and just the other day received an email with the subject line reading: NEW RETURN ETICKET ITINERARY.

Hooray. And hello Salt Lake City on December 1st!


  1. i hope somewhere in there includes a visit to provo to see your dear favorite former roommate before she leaves...i will be here until probably the 18th or so, so you should come on down