Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving is Rescheduled

This is a public service announcement:

The American holiday of Thanksgiving, that time of year when friends and family mix and mingle and eat way more cranberry sauce and cheese ball than they should, has been rescheduled only in the country of India. The merrymaking will instead be held on Friday, November 27th. More information is to follow. Thank you.

Because really, if Auburn University can reschedule Halloween because it interferes with a home football game, I think we can play around a little with Thanksgiving. Christmas, however, is sacrosanct. No one is allowed to tough Christmas. Heck, they stopped a war to observe Christmas - it is that important.

But really, we have decided to move our Thanksgiving feast because November 26th is the one year anniversary of the Mumbai terrorist attacks, and our neighbors may not take kindly to Americans carousing next door when they're in mourning. Hence the date change.


  1. that is very considerate of you guys. besides, friday for you is still thursday for us, so really, we are all still celebrating at the same time. it works out quite nicely really.

  2. very true. Christmas is coming And I'l listening to it all on Black Friday.