Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A toast!

This post is dedicated to just a few things that have made living here in India a dream. I apologize in advance for the stock photos.
1. Boost

Taken hot or cold, this vanilla malt "energy" drink is wonderful. We often drink it in the mornings, in the late afternoon, while playing gin on Sunday nights...anytime we can get our cooks to whip us up some since they won't let us do it ourselves. Durga makes the best Boost. We sip it it in diminutive tea cups.

2. Limca

This lime 'n lemon soda is incredibly refreshing. Citrus-y enough to quench any thirst, we buy it at little road side stalls or Baba Bazaar's.

3. Maaza

First of all, I have no idea why there is a 'z' in the word since there is no 'z' in Telugu. Hence why my name is "Sujaan" here. But once you get past that discrepency, the creamy mango drink will ship you right off to moksha (nirvana). Also incredible after it has been frozen in the freezer and converted into a mango slushy. A.Ma.Zing.

4. Parle-G's
I am completely obsessed. These biscuits of wafer-y goodness remind me of Nilla Wafers but ten times better. They come in three sizes: "small snack", "car ride munchy", and "the best idea you've ever had". Or at least that is what I think of them as. The last is a massive package that requires at least 3 other people to eat them since they tend to go soft in the humidity in about an hour. Let's just say it's a good thing the mid-size pack is only Rs. 10.
Oh, and speaking of which, one of the things I do miss is toast. And scrambled eggs.

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