Sunday, September 13, 2009

Feeling Alive

Tonight we went out to dinner at an Indian restaurant and ate wonderful naan and spinach curry. And I ate flan.

But that is not why I am feeling so alive. Before and after dinner I rode on Mohan's motorbike while everyone else took the bus or auto. I love riding on motorbikes. Especially when they go fast. Driving in India is enough to make you very aware of how alive you are - because you come so close to dying so many times. I love it. On the way home, sated on flan, I was grinning and enjoying the cool air, the night lights in the city, the good conversation with and extravagent compliments from Mohan, and couldn't fully express my feelings by sitting normally.

So, flying through the dark city and along Beach Road I pulled a City of Angels - my head tilted back, my arms raised high over my head, eyes closed. At one point I grabbed my scarf around my neck, held it in both hands, and felt like the Winged Victory of Triumph. Soaring through the night, I rejoiced once again in being in India and being alive. What a blessing! What a miracle! What an adventure!

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