Saturday, September 19, 2009

Indian-American Deep Dish

Last night I taught a wonderfully sweet middle-age Indian man how to make pizza. He is the dearest of dear souls, may be a mob boss, and clucks over us like a mother hen. His name is Viirazu and definitely deserves his own post here in the next few days.

On an unrelated note, tomorrow evening 9 of us are boarding a train (3rd class A/C sleeper car) and traveling 12 hours to Hyderabad for a few days of excitement and adventure. We are leaving our handlers/tour guides/caretakers behind in Vizag and hoofing it with our guidebook in tow. We are staying in a horribly touristy hotel, but refuse to look or act like tourists. We are the Corps of Discovery. Hyderbad is a beautiful, old, rich city full of Muslims and pearls. And they are known for their silver, perfume, and cuisine unlike any in Andhra Pradesh. Yes, please.

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