Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tightening the belt

I hereby put a ban against all fun in my life. For the next two weeks at least. No more dates. No more fun. No more parties. No more sleeping in. And eight hours is sleeping in. No more snacking. Sitting down and eating meals? Nope, that's out, too. No more running. No more soccer.

I have to transcribe interviews

Create a poster for an academic conference

Write another 10 pages of my senior thesis

Plan a class presentation on pastoral nomads in the Middle East

Begin finding 20 sources on how the international community has organized itself to combat FGM for a paper

Grade and edit 25 8-page papers from Anthro 101 students

And keep up all with the other regular class readings I have

No more fun! Balance is ppht! That is, until the weekly Thursday Night Movie Night with my friends. That is, until my sister comes down on Friday.

...Yeah...this resolve is going to last. I'll probably end up doing what I always do: skipping sleep and balanced meals and exercise and doing everything else I want to do while getting things done at the last minute. Oh dear.


  1. Phew, I was panicked there for a second until I saw movie night on the list. Thank goodness you have your priorities straight.

  2. What FGM?
    Oh dear, Zanna. Try not to kill yourself till you come home again. PLEASE!

  3. I love your all nighters. Remember falling asleep with your hands on home row? I do and I have the picture to prove it. Good luck on not having any fun.