Saturday, June 20, 2009

The end of an era

Today I checked out of Monticello #7 for the last time- you know, the apartment with the best view in the complex, the one with the orange, moldy carpet, the peeling paint, and torn linolium, the one where you could guarantee that something crazy was going on all the time- yeah, that one. I've lived here for two years, and it has been the setting for many, many memories. It is time to move on, but I can't help but look back and smile and laugh and cry a bit.

Fall of sophomore year. Besides all drinking our milk straight from the carton, we had some pretty crazy times like when we hosted a murder mystery and decorated our apartment like a 1920's speakeasy. Or how Ali would fall over laughing on an at-least weekly basis. Or how...I could go on and on.

Winter of sophomore year. We made a silent melodrama - complete with hero on a horse, maiden aunts in distress, politically incorrect Chinese railroad workers, and mustached, cape-twirling villain - for our ward's FHE oscars. It was just a little over the length limit, but very worth it.

Late one night - never mind just how late it really was - we discovered that if you take the drawers out from both bedrooms, you can climb right through. So of course I had to try it.

Christmas of junior year. We gave each other hat boxes, a massive fur hat, an oversized stuff animal lion - his name is Sigfried - Yiddish fridge magnets, a new apartment key, and a mini air hockey game. Yeah, that was a great Christmas.

Late one night a bunch of guys we were having a prank war with snuck into our apartment using the copied key they had made. We completely slept through everything they did! But they were only retaliating as best as they could for what we had done to them. I give you...

...The Great Prank of 2009! Definitely one of my proudest moments. We stole an entire guys' apartment's worth of clothes. All of them. We left each of them an old lady's night gown hanging in their closets, courtesy of DI. But that's not all - we then hung the clothes up in between the two apartment buildings. Like so:

So here's to my old apartment: the sight of good times, bad times, hard times, funny times, and so, so many memories. When I come back in the winter I'll be up in apartment 12. It's got a lot to live up, but I think we'll get along very nicely.


  1. Hey! I was there for ALL of that. man. we had a great time.

  2. Hmmm. Sounds like an honor code violation or two...

  3. Oh I know why you're moving to's because you'll be able to feel my presence here. That will be nice for you. :) Oh does hold some great memories, doesn't it?

  4. I think your video was like 3x the length if my memory doesn't deceive me.

    And I moved out of M28 a few days ago for good--the end of a legacy (well, the legacy was ending when Kevin and then Nathan moved out). There were many great times there, but I'm excited for the future.

  5. I loved it too. 11 is not the same, but it's nice to have a break from crazyness.